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Little online presence to 100 monthly enquiries!


Our client is a fully licenced waste carrier and operate to both commercial and domestic customers. They provide an efficient and cost-effective service, including same day delivery or alternatively collection is available from their aggregate yard in Cheshire. As a digital marketing agency for trades, we provide SEO and website-related services to companies in the North-West.

The brief

After contacting our team, it was obvious that confidence was low after our client hired and trusted multiple SEO agencies with no success. Unfortunately, they previously received a poor service and found themselves left wondering with a lack of results and a lack of reporting. Even though they endured a bad experience they never wanted to give up as they seen the value in advertising online. Our challenge was to rebuild trust and simply deliver results by ranking their website in local geographic areas they cover.

The Solution

We started off by fully auditing their existing website to find out areas that we strong (if any) and areas that needed improvement. We quickly picked up on many areas that could be improved from a technical on page basis, to lack of content and authority within Google. We carried out our keyword research and set about creating unique text for each service and target location. Since then, we have continued to create content monthly and created strong local backlinks to help them compete against the top online competition.

Within 3 months our client started to see page one ranking, increase in traffic and as a result an increase in conversions. Local SEO does still take some time however, our team we able to identify and maximise any good work done before us and simply find some quick wins to gain some traction. As our client can only travel so far for work, the amount of traffic we can physically drive isn’t huge but is now strong enough to bring in 100 enquiries per month on average which is increasing monthly by month as future keywords reach compete for higher positions on Google, something that is never over, ever!

What our customer thinks about us:

“We highly recommend David and his team as an impressive digital marketing agency for trades. Having been messed around by a few different companies in the past, David’s approach has been refreshing and we instantly started to see positive results to our websites SEO and Google rankings.”

I'm looking for local online dominance!


Our valued customer has been serving the whole of the North West area for bathroom installation services for more than 15 years however, they did not have a website or strong online presence as a result. Over the course of this time, they have used multiple lead generation providers and lived off word of mouth but as business started to gradually slow down, they realised they had to act and grow their digital presence sooner rather than later.

The brief

As a digital marketing agency for trades the aim was not only help them build a new website with limited budget but to help them grow their Google presence. Our client didn’t just want any old lead however, they wanted domestic leads only and ones that are ideally of higher value than the average bathroom installation.

The Solution

Our initial plan was to offer keyword and competitor research so that we fully understand the best target keywords, locations to target and discovery the size of online competition we are up against. Websites with age and authority are somewhat easier to rank online so given our client has never had a website or invested in SEO before it is often worth searching for long tail key phrases or ones that are wrongly overlooked due to a low amount of search volume however, these are often ideal phrases to target initially whilst our clients authority grows. We quickly started to drive traffic to our clients new website by creating good quality content on their GMB listing to improve their online exposure locally.

Within 5 months the website was generating 25 leads per month whilst steadily increasing as the website started to rank on page one of Google for more local search terms. Not only this, but we targeted some small, affluent areas which started to not only drive a small number of enquiries but ones that are of a higher value as the customer initially requested. One bathroom installation at £15,000 soon converted meaning they had already made a profit of £9,000 from one single job generated using our SEO strategy and we still had the rest of the year to work on and improve their ranking within Google.

As this is a brand-new website, we fully anticipated results to take a little time however, the website continues to increase in Google rankings each month with multiple locations and phrases now on page one and the GMB local listing driving additional calls monthly.

What our customer thinks about us:

“Great service from Dave and the team. This digital marketing agency for trades have set up my website and SEO campaign from the start and are currently running all things on Google for the company. Very friendly and approachable, highly recommend.”

From nothing to 1 million turnover online!


Having met our client at the KBB event, NEC Birmingham, we were quick to get chatting about their new venture with all suppliers lined up, storage in place but no website. Luckily for us, our client was about to start the process of looking for a digital partner to help him create an E-Commerce website and grow his online business. Something we have a lot of experience in doing! They supply mid-range bedroom products across the UK.

The brief

Our client tasked us to create a user-friendly website that showcased their products in a positive light whilst ensuring the site is easy to navigate on not too busy. The reason for this is to ensure potential clients visiting the website have a positive experience and ultimately convert into new customers and sales. In terms of performance, we agreed on a monthly budget to help our client try and achieve his aim of one million pound in online sales.

The Solution

Content – By creating engaging, good quality content we could not only drive more traffic to the website but help increase the number of conversions that contributed to the overall growth online. By using our analytical tools, we created a content plan that both appealed to the users search intent but content that could be used and shared on social media to grow their audience.

Search Engine Optimisation – Our client has long term targets beyond the one-million-pound target so it was imperative we created a long-lasting SEO strategy that will help drive traffic to the site and increase sales over time. We started off by ensuring his new website was full optimised from a technical on-page perspective then set about mapping out all target keywords for the highest-level products and search terms. Their organic visibility has increase significantly since we started and organic search is now contributing over 15 percent of revenue.

Google Ads Management – Google Ads is the fastest way to drive quality traffic to our client’s website or landing page to help them generate sales. Alongside SEO, it is one key element to a successful digital marketing strategy. Using our Google Ads strategy this contributed to over thirty five percent of revenue.

Paid Social – They key here was to make use of historic data so that we could show social user’s products that were relevant to them. We then tasked our team to create successful cross selling Ads to promote and complimented the basket items of interest. Our paid social media campaigns now contribute over thirty percent of revenue with a small amount coming from our client’s affiliate marketing and returning customers.

The key with this successful strategy is that our client was open and willing to invest in different forms of marketing solutions to help achieve their target. It would have been difficult for us to achieve these results with just one or the other and as we always say, SEO or Google Ads is just one part of an overall successful digital marketing strategy.

What our customer thinks about us:

“Our experience with Ask Web Guru has been nothing short of amazing. Dave has been incredibly helpful in both launching our new website and improving our digital presence. The team are a pleasure to work with and are always helpful with any questions and requests we have.”

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What our clients say

  • Highly recommend David and his team for any SEO or general website related services. Having been messed around by a few different companies in the past, David’s approach has been refreshing and we instantly started to see positive results to our websites SEO and google rankings.

  • Great set of guys and a fantastic team! They have redesigned our entire website, assisted in our lead generation via better CTA’s & improved site visibility and have worked closely with me on our targeted AdWords campaign which have provided significant ROI so far. We knew our relationship was for the long term as that’s exactly what SEO is but the results so far speak for themselves!

  • When my business required a Google Ads specialist, a colleague recommended Ask Web Guru Ltd. Spoke to David who was extremely helpful and within 48 hours we had agreed a project plan. Very professional, 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Ask Web Guru went above and beyond to create a totally different website meeting our needs and excelling our expectations. Dave was so easy to communicate with, his passion for his business clearly shows and his enthusiasm is infectious. We look forward to developing our working relationship with Ask Web Guru in the years to come.

  • Web Guru worked with our sister company Tender Writing Services. As SEO specialist, the results returned went far and above original expectations. We highly recommend Web Guru to provide exceptional support and results in everything SEO.

  • David was very efficient and professional with the service that he provided and wanted reassurance that the work he completed was up to standard which it certainly was. Very impressed with the end-to-end management from Ask Web Guru and would definitely recommend using the services they provide!