Create new content to rank on page 1 of Google!

In this blog we will explain how to rank your website easily within Google search results by implementing frequently asked question content unique to your business. The results of this content will appear under your website links, potentially selected to be the best answer to a searches question that positions right at the top of search or feature in the people also ask section on Google. All of which will drive more quality traffic to your website and assist with your businesses growth plans. Plus many other benefits for your existing clients and those googling businesses just like yours.

Adding FAQ content to your website has become an essential part of our content strategies for all of our SEO clients looking to rank well and grow their online presence. The reason for this is because over time Google has somewhat transformed itself from a search engine to a search and answers engine.

What does this mean I hear you ask?

In a nutshell, Google is focusing a lot more on answering questions to the very best of it’s ability whilst trying to understand the intent of those googling based on their query for which Google can provide an answer for. Evidence of this is the inclusion of the people also ask section within Google search which appears for pretty much every Google search and can be extended to a point where it may never actually end.

Google has also been granted many patents which confirm this is the way that Google is going. Given Google sources the content it finds on websites we highly recommend you take this information seriously and start implementing FAQ related content to your website if you want to rank on page 1 of Google and drive more traffic to your website and don’t want to fall behind your competition. By adding the new content you are able to implement keyword rich content focused on the keywords and locations you are targeting. It will help returning visitors and new visitors find out the questions to answers they may have making you and your business more of a thought leader.

Now that you agree you need a content strategy, how do you go about finding out the best questions and answers to create?

  1. The most simplistic method of them all! Start by listening to your customers. What do they ask for most often? Whether it is when you are face to face with clients or they call you, listen to their questions. Create a new word document and answering them to the very best of your ability. Even if you only created one FAQ per week that is four per month and 48 per year! Now that is a good amount of quality content.
  2. Think about your priority target keywords. What would potential clients type into Google to find a business just like yours? Enter the keyword and location (if required) and check out the ‘people also ask’ section within Google search. You can click on the drop down arrow to not only find the most relevant answer to the question but be provided with even more FAQ’s. For example, type in ‘cast iron radiators’ into Google. Scroll down to the people also ask section and you will see questions such as ‘How long do cast iron radiators last?’ and more.
  3. Go to a website called search for a service you provide. This website will generate multiple related questions for the search you entered. This will be organised using the adverbs such as why, what, who, where, when and how. This website is free to use but is restricted to just two searches per day otherwise you’ll need to sign up.

Now that you have created and implemented your new content you now need to ensure that you that you add schema code. To do this you need to either work with an SEO agency and allow them to do this for you or you can try to implement it yourself. You will find many demonstrations via YouTube but be sure to do your research.

Next, you need to ensure that the FAQ Schema content matches the editorial content that is listed on your web page. Again, if you aren’t familiar with Schema code then we would advise that you would be best sending your new content to your SEO partner and allowing them to implement this correctly for you. Once the content and schema code has been implemented all that you need to do is wait for Google to index your page and crawl your new content.

So, your content is now live and visible so that potential customers can find out the best answers to their questions around your products or services. What next? Finally, you need to create links within your FAQ’s to give a good reason to click through to your website in order to convert more enquiries or sales.

It’s time to get to work!

Start listening, start making notes, start answering clients questions to the very best of your ability and if implemented correctly you and your business will reap the rewards.