How Much Should I Spend On My Website?

Launching a business website involves a host of unknown costs, so how much should you realistically expect to spend?

In the modern world, having a business website to accurately reflect your brand could not be more important for your company. More people than ever before are shopping and researching online, so you need to be certain that your business has created an effective online presence in order to benefit from this shift in habits.

Yet, while most business owners are aware that they need to invest in a business website, many are still unsure about how much to realistically expect to invest.

Here, we take a closer look at the costs you need to take into account so you can be better prepared.

What Do I Need From A Website?

The first factor that needs to be borne in mind when pricing up your prospective site is what exactly you need it to achieve. If you’re just launching a new start-up, a simple brochure website could fit the bill perfectly.

However, if you have an established SME, you almost certainly require considerably more functionality while some clients will need a custom-designed and built website tailored to meet the specific needs of the kind of clients they want to attract.

These bespoke sites create a high-end, luxury feel for the user, but of course, this too will add to the price. The key to starting your pricing is to work out what you need your website to do so that you can get a realistic costing idea.

How Much Will A Basic Website Cost?

The simplest websites are composed of a few pages with simple functionality in the “brochure” style. They should have a landing and contact page and be mobile responsive, which makes them ideal if all you need is a simple online presence that showcases your business. If you’re launching a brand-new business and are on a tight budget, the brochure-style website is perfect, with our brochure website design beginning at only £595.

What If I Need More Functionality?

If you require a little more functionality than a simple brochure site, you can choose to add in extra features like content management systems for example at an additional cost.
If you need eCommerce features, the cost will naturally vary depending on which and how many features you need to incorporate – for example, live chat facilities, order management systems and delivery tracking functionality.

How Much Will A Bespoke Site Cost?

For some clients, a bespoke website is the best solution. Rather than repurposing an existing template, the web designer can build the site completely from scratch to the client’s own unique and original requirements.

As you’d expect, this type of custom-designed site will have unlimited subpages as well as advanced functionality. Although you can expect to pay around £2,500 for a bespoke business website, you’ll benefit from having everything tailored to meet your specific needs.

Getting Value For Money

While they say that you only get what you pay for, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for good value from your website designer. We’re dedicated to offering our clients the perfect blend of value and high-quality, so you can be completely confident that when you work with us, you’ll benefit from our expertise at a price you can afford.