How to choose a good SEO company?

Trying to choose a good SEO agency can be a daunting task.

Who do you trust?

How can you believe what they are saying is correct?

How do you know they will follow up on promises and deliver results rather than just sell the sizzle?

We believe you can protect yourself and hire a good SEO company if you follow some basic steps rather than simply follow the best pitch or price! If you hire an SEO company on price then you have already made the killer mistake and are asking for trouble.

Follow these basic steps and your decision will no doubt turn in your favour:

  • Understand the risks of low-cost SEO agencies – SEO done correctly is time consuming so if an agency offers you a monthly SEO retainer for say £100 per month, take a step back and ask yourself a question. How much work can they actually do and what can they achieve with a budget of £100? How many hours work would you provide for £100?


  • Avoid SEO guarantees – Run a mile if any guarantees are offered. It doesn’t matter how good the companies reviews are, if you are offered any guarantees on ranking positions or timescales then we would recommend you quickly cancel out this SEO company from your options. Sure we can all work and recommend based on history and data however, a good SEO agency does NOT offer guarantees.


  • Know how to spot over-promising when hiring an SEO Agency – Similar to the above, unfortunately, some want the sale at all costs and will sell the sizzle to grow their client base. Listen out for over promising, whether this be results in a month, reporting to you daily or offering to drastically improve your business in a matter of a few weeks.


  • Familiarise yourself with SEO pricing models and establish an SEO budget – Having been in the industry for over 15 years and delivered highly successful SEO strategies we can honestly tell you that the market is a little all over the place to say the least. Anyone offering you SEO for a one-off yearly fee simply aren’t a good SEO agency, SEO is never complete, EVER! A good SEO agency will offer you a monthly retainer, a content strategy, technical SEO hours and a link building strategy that all require budget. Ask fellow business owners for advice, ask who they are using? Would they recommend their provider and why? Ask how much your connections are investing in SEO? Ask questions then ask even more questions.


  • Ask for case studies and examples of successful SEO campaigns – Any good SEO agency worth their salt will be able to provide you with a list of clients or phrases that they work with and are ranking highly on Google for. We appreciate you can’t ask for their whole client base but do ask for as many case studies as possible, clear your cache and check where their client is currently ranking. Go a step further and ask if they’d mind you giving them a call to see if they would recommend you using their services. If you aren’t competing against one another in the same industry and geographic location then we are pretty sure most small business owners would be happy to refer SEO companies if they are indeed, good at what they do!


  • Always check reviews & ask for references – One of the quickest and easiest ways to consider or remove any SEO options. Don’t be lazy however, some of their latest reviews could be good and paint of the cracks. Go through a thorough search, check every single review both good and bad and determine if they are to remain on your list of companies to speak with. Don’t just stop by checking Google reviews, check any and all reviews that are listed online from Google, Social Media to local directories. You may unearth a gem of a company or save yourself a lot of time, money and headaches!


  • Go in to it with a clear understand of what success and failure looks like – Regardless of who you choose, you should always have a clear plan and realistic targets. For example, we were recently approached by a personal trainer who has previously invested in SEO, was situated on page 3 of Google for their main target search terms and asked if we would target first page positions within 6 – 12 months. This was a fair and realistic target that we were keen and confident to deliver. Had our client never invested in SEO before and was currently ranking on page 10 of Google yet wanted to aim for page 1 rankings on Google within 6 – 12 months then this would be less likely and a somewhat unrealistic target (depending on budget that is!)


  • Build up your own basic knowledge of SEO and don’t let the tech talk scare you – Far too often SEO agencies and sales staff try and bamboozle you with SEO and tech talk whilst many of them don’t actually know what half of it actually means. They are trained to be confident and understand the basics. Familiarising yourself with SEO may just make it a little easier to cancel out the sizzle sellers and bulls*itters. We’ve been selling and delivering SEO strategies to a very high standard for over 15 years and rarely do our clients and team need to talk tech. It’s all about strategy, progress and results!


  • Believe it or not SEO is not a dark art and Google is only a computer. Your new SEO agency is simply there to crack the system and do so ethically by ensuring that your content and web pages are seen as the most relevant answers to searchers questions when they are looking online for the products or services you provide. Absolutely nothing beats quality content.


We’re confident that if you follow these simple steps then you will locate and build a great long term relationship with a good SEO company. The more we can help businesses select the best agencies, the sooner the industry and customer knowledge can improve. No more price haggling, no more budgets wasted, economy improved because smaller businesses are operating successfully online as a result of a better and more informed selection process.

Our team treat all our clients investments like they are our own which is why we run a strict and thorough selection process regarding who we work with. You need to trust we are the good SEO company for you but it’s just as important that we can ensure you are the right type of SEO client we need too. It works both ways and in doing so, better quality, long lasting relationships are formed whilst we find success consistently follows.

Get found on Google! 🙂

The key is to find a good SEO company! 🙂