SEO over Google Ads

Trying To Rank Your Website Higher In Google Rankings 

If you’re trying to boost the ranking of your business website online in Google rankings then you have more than likely come across a multitude of terms surrounding Google Ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

These are marketing strategies that focus on helping to boost visibility and drive traffic to your company or business website when it is searched online in a search engine such as Google.

What Is SEO?

 SEO is an abbreviation for the term ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. To sum it up, SEO is a kind of digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing your websites online presence and ensuring it ranks higher on search engines such as Google to boost more traffic.

A good understanding of SEO will help you to increase your business websites visibility when certain key words are searched on search engines such as Google or Bing.

 What Are Google Ads?

 Google Ads, formerly known as Pay-Per-Click is run through a facility on Google in which advertisers would pay a small fee for every time an ad is clicked. Google Ads or PPC is essentially a way to buy traffic to your website.

Google Ads allow advertisers to place a bid within a search engine for an ad placement. For example, we could place a bid on the keyword ‘SEO agency Wilmslow’ and we could potentially rank first with our ad on Google by placing the highest bid.

 SEO Vs Google Ads?

 SEO is an organic way of ranking your website on a search engine such as Google. Organic, or natural listing will be those sites that are listed after any shopping or paid ads. SEO is a cost effective way of boosting your website rankings, organic clicks are free after all.

You can generally expect to see sustained results with SEO providing much more stability. However, SEO is an ongoing process that can take time to see success and requires an experience SEO specialist to know how to use this strategy and has a proven track record. Why not check us out here and see how we can help!

Google Ads or PCC relates more to paid advertisement on search engines. With Google Ads you can expect to see almost instant results with gaining more traffic to your website however, even the very best paid strategies take time to streamline and perform to optimum levels.

Paid ads are a great way to enhance your websites online presence as you can use targeted advertisements to a specific audience with the most successful for our smaller clients being able to target specific keywords relevant to them and placing their advert in front of local geographical searchers on Google.

However, running Google ads can become very costly and require you to spend money to get results, both in click costs and in experienced experts to set up your ad campaign.

(Not to mention the number of sales professionals that will click on your advert every single day to try and sell you something!)

Ultimately a combination of SEO and Google Ad marketing campaigns are a great way to boost your website traffic should you have the budget to run the two parallel with one another. This way our team of experienced digital marketers can drive traffic to your website quickly and boost sales whilst implementing a long term SEO strategy that will only ever improve year on year.

How We Can Help?

 Ask Web Guru are an affordable SEO agency in the North West. If you need a local SEO agency in Cheshire or Wilmslow, why not visit our website to see how we can help?