Having active social media pages is a must-have for all businesses and has gained a reputation of being one of the very best strategies to grow your business by reaching your ideal customers and generating interest in your brand.

Organic & Paid Social Media AGENCY WARRINGTON

Here at Ask Web Guru, we understand the importance and power of social media in the new digital world. As a Social Media Marketing Agency in Warrington, our team will use a mix of both organic and paid strategies to help support your future growth plans, through carefully constructed organic posts and ads sent to the right people, at the right time with the right messages.

Why should I use a Social Media Marketing Agency?

Social media marketing is one very important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Your ideal customers are regularly using and interacting on social media every single day which is why it’s important your brand can be found. If you are not active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, you’re risking losing customers to your competitors. Implementing the correct social media strategy can help generate impressive results with a high return on investment.

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How we work

We take the time to understand your brand, products, services, and story so that we can create and implement the right strategy to help support your growth plans and targets. Whether you’re just starting out or want to improve an existing platform, we will plan and execute high-quality content for your ideal customers.

Build the audience

After taking the time to understand your brand, we start to build the right audience that we wish to engage with. By doing so, helps us put your brand not only in front of the right people but too people who are likely to want your products and services, increasing your chances of a greater return on investment.

Tailor your content

After taking the time to understand your brand, we start to build the right audience that we wish to engage with. By doing so, helps us put your brand not only in front of the right people but too people who are likely to want your products and services, increasing your chances of a greater return on investment.


Every social media strategy will come with regular communication, updates and reporting so that you have total transparency on what our team have been working on. We will provide regular insights into all things social to help us take your brand to greater heights.

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Organic/Paid Social FAQs

What is organic social?

Organic social refers to the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to create and share content without paid promotion.

It involves posting updates, images, videos, and other content to engage with your followers and the broader social media audience.

Organic social efforts rely on the reach and visibility generated naturally, without paid advertising.

Why is organic social important?

Organic social is important because it allows businesses to connect with their followers organically without any associated advertising costs.

It helps in building genuine relationships with customers, understanding their needs, getting their feedback, and providing them with valuable content.

Organic social can also improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, as it allows for direct communication and engagement with the audience.

What are organic social impressions?

Organic social impressions refer to the number of times your content is displayed in a user’s social media feed without paid promotion.

An impression means the content was delivered to someone’s feed, and they had an opportunity to see it.

It doesn’t guarantee that the person engaged with or even saw the post, but it was shown to them.


What is paid social?

Paid social involves using advertising budgets to promote social media content to a targeted audience.

It includes sponsored posts, display ads, and other paid campaigns on social platforms.

Paid social allows businesses to reach a wider and more specific audience, increase visibility, and drive traffic, conversions, and brand awareness through paid promotional efforts.

Why is paid social important?

Paid social is important because it complements organic social efforts and helps businesses achieve specific marketing objectives.

It provides precise targeting options, allowing you to reach the right audience with the right message.

Paid social also offers measurable results, immediate reach, and the ability to compete effectively in the crowded social media landscape.

It’s a powerful tool for driving traffic, conversions, and business growth. Ask Web Guru integrate paid social strategies into their marketing plans to maximise results and ROI.

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What our clients say

  • Highly recommend David and his team for any SEO or general website related services. Having been messed around by a few different companies in the past, David’s approach has been refreshing and we instantly started to see positive results to our websites SEO and google rankings.

  • Great set of guys and a fantastic team! They have redesigned our entire website, assisted in our lead generation via better CTA’s & improved site visibility and have worked closely with me on our targeted AdWords campaign which have provided significant ROI so far. We knew our relationship was for the long term as that’s exactly what SEO is but the results so far speak for themselves!

  • When my business required a Google Ads specialist, a colleague recommended Ask Web Guru Ltd. Spoke to David who was extremely helpful and within 48 hours we had agreed a project plan. Very professional, 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Ask Web Guru went above and beyond to create a totally different website meeting our needs and excelling our expectations. Dave was so easy to communicate with, his passion for his business clearly shows and his enthusiasm is infectious. We look forward to developing our working relationship with Ask Web Guru in the years to come.

  • Web Guru worked with our sister company Tender Writing Services. As SEO specialist, the results returned went far and above original expectations. We highly recommend Web Guru to provide exceptional support and results in everything SEO.

  • David was very efficient and professional with the service that he provided and wanted reassurance that the work he completed was up to standard which it certainly was. Very impressed with the end-to-end management from Ask Web Guru and would definitely recommend using the services they provide!