The Importance Of Local SEO

The Importance Of Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Businesses must ensure their websites are easily located within search results for their products/services in the local areas.

This latest Ask Web Guru blog explains Local SEO and its importance for your business.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimising your website to improve visibility with potential local customers in your area.

A business operating with a local client or customer base can use Local Search Engine Optimisation to benefit their business.

Benefits of Local SEO

Map Users

A strong local presence on Google is critical for visibility on Google maps.

Increased foot traffic will help bring more customers to your business due to the local reputation in your area.

Long-Lasting Rankings 

SEO at a local strategy is not for short-term business growth.

Local Search Engine Optimisation is critical for long-term, lasting rankings as a local business helps set up the foundation for business progression.

A consistent local ranking will help build a relationship of trust between customers and your business.


Local SEO strategies like citations and link building can massively help your online presence and ensure your business is discovered more easily.

Creating directory and local backlinks will ensure users find your business easier and by the right people who are looking for your specific products/services.

This will help your business be recognised in local search engine results and help your overall visibility aims and goals.

Continuous Business Growth

Your search engine results are boosted by increasing local traffic with a local SEO strategy.

This means the sales and marketing aims are increased, resulting in a growing business period.

The foundations of Local Search Engine Optimisation are critical to a business and its growth from start-up to national status.


SEO at a local strategy is an effective tool to help analyse your business’s current competitors and market.

Researching local businesses and how they implement SEO locally helps you see the tactics used so you can learn and adapt them for your business.

What does Ask Web Guru do for you?

Every business needs a solid digital presence in today’s marketplace.

We work extremely hard to ensure our clients rank as highly as possible, as quickly as possible, whilst only ever using ethical and long-lasting techniques.

Our team of Search Engine Optimisation gurus have 15 years of experience and a proven track record in helping local businesses across the UK get web success for less.

We have a real passion and desire to help others succeed online, and we are often seen as a safe pair of hands due to our ethical process, cost-effectiveness and proven track record.

Ask Web Guru SEO process

When you decide to use us as your search engine optimisation partner, we’ll have a preliminary meeting with you to thoroughly understand your business, key objectives, targets and more

The team will prioritise understanding your company and clients through knowledge of the market, competition and keywords.

Once we’ve agreed on a month-to-month method, we will start immediately and report to you within one month with what work has been accomplished with updates on the progress so far. 

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