Why Competitor Analysis is an integral part of SEO

As an SEO agency in Manchester, Ask Web Guru often gets asked why competitor analysis is so important.

The simple answer is that it allows you to better understand the landscape in which you operate and identify opportunities to improve your SEO strategy.

Competitor analysis can help you to:

– Understand what your competitors are doing well and where they are ranking highly

– Identify any gaps in their SEO strategy that you can exploit

– Understand how much SEO activity is taking place in your industry overall

By understanding your competitors’ SEO strategy, you can adjust your approach accordingly and ensure that you are always one step ahead.

In this latest blog, we will discuss the most important reasons why competitor analysis is essential for an SEO Agency Manchester to undertake for their clients.

Understand your competition’s strengths and weaknesses

The first two questions to ask when trying to understand a client’s competitors are:

  • What are they doing that you’re not?
  • What can you do to improve your SEO strategy?


For example, you may have been put off creating blog content. However, your competitors create fresh content every month, which is between 300-500 words a piece, sometimes longer!

One thing to consider with blogs is that they don’t always have to be about run-of-the-mill topics.

Your blog content can consist of case studies, staff Q & A’s, the latest products and services or even news and events happening inside your business.

You can start catching your competitors by considering simple additions to your SEO strategy, such as blogs. Before they notice that your business is hot on their heels!

Identify your competitor’s most popular keywords

  • What are they targeting that you’re not?
  • Can you target some of the same keywords and beat them out for the top spot?


Identifying your competitors’ top keywords can give you a real insight into what you can incorporate into your SEO strategy.

As a leading SEO Agency Manchester, we recommend tools such as SEMrush to help you gather information on keywords that could tip the scales in your favour!

When choosing appropriate keywords for your business, one thing to consider is to keep an eye on keyword difficulty and volume.

The golden mix you’re looking for is high volume and achievable difficulty.

Low volume and high difficulty make competing with market leaders impossible for most websites with little to no authority.

Targeting local areas that your competitors may not have considered is also a fantastic place to start. It can see you shoot up the rankings in no time!

What can you do to improve your own site’s SEO with an SEO Agency in Manchester?

To improve a site’s SEO, many competitors will conduct regular site audits to check their site health.

Think of a site audit like a trip to your GP for a quick MOT!

A site audit can check numerous pages on your site for missing meta-descriptions, broken links, alt tags, duplicate title tags and mixed content issues.

By fixing these issues, your site’s health will get close to near 100% health – a healthy, optimised site is something Google loves and will go a long way to improving your rankings in the short and long term.

Analyse how well your competition is performing on social media

  • Which social media platforms are they using?
  • What kind of content are they sharing?
  • Can you create better content that will help you reach more people online?


You might not have considered social media when considering your current SEO strategy.

However, what you post cross-platform can significantly impact your SEO.

Given the sheer scale of social media platforms, posting consistently on topics you try to rank for can go a long way in securing top positions.

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