Why do I need an SEO Friendly Website Design?

SEO friendly website design is a must for online businesses that are looking to reach their target audience and grow.

Ask Web Guru is a full-service digital marketing agency passionate about delivering exceptional results and growing businesses throughout the UK.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about SEO Friendly Website Design!

Why do I need an SEO Friendly Website Design?

Having an SEO friendly website design is essential for any business in the digital age.

An SEO friendly website ensures that your pages will rank higher in search engine results, making them easier to find for potential customers and ultimately driving more traffic and increasing conversions.

With an optimised website design, your content will be more visible on the web, giving your business an edge over competitors who are not taking advantage of this powerful form of marketing.

SEO-friendly website design can help build customer trust by providing accurate information about your business or product.

When users visit your site and see that Google’s algorithms properly index it, they can trust that you know what you’re talking about, which helps establish authority in the marketplace.

Top 5 Tips for SEO Friendly Website Design

  1. Optimise Your Website for Page Speed – Page speed is a major factor in your website’s SEO performance, as slow-loading pages are considered poor user experiences.
  2. Improve Your URL Structure – The URLs of all your pages should be shorter and more descriptive than generic ones.
  3. Utilise Strategic Internal Linking – Internal linking between pages on your website helps search engines better understand the structure of your site so that it can be indexed correctly.
  4. Optimise Your Title Tags & Meta Descriptions – Title tags are an important element of every page on your website because they influence how a page is displayed in search results and how users perceive relevance when viewing these listings.
  5. Make Use Of Schema Markup – Schema markup is an essential tool that you can use to help search engines better understand how websites are structured and what their content means semantically.


How Ask Web Guru combines website design with SEO

At Ask Web Guru, we provide custom-built websites for an improved design and essential SEO purposes.

If you want to implement a specific style, or simply need a more specialist website, Ask Web Guru is here to help!

Our custom-built websites remain affordable and help your business stand out from the crowd.

AWG’s professional website design service is built for today’s internet and the future web.

With fluid re-alignment of your content, your website will display perfectly, no matter what device your website visitors browse on.

There is not a website we cannot do. Should you require a brochure website, E-Commerce website or something totally bespoke, our in-house design and development team can support you from start to launch!

Not only does Ask Web Guru provide website design services, but we also have expert SEO services!

As a trusted SEO Agency, we build trust and authority for your brand through organic search that will drive free organic traffic to your website consistently.

Creating an SEO friendly website is essential for your business.

We work closely with our customers to determine what the primary and secondary aims of the business are so we can create a design and SEO campaign that will help your business grow on Google rankings.

AWG’s SEO friendly websites can also help improve user experience and engagement by using keywords strategically throughout your page’s content and optimising certain aspects such as page titles, meta descriptions, internal linking structure, and image alt tags.

You can make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Additionally, by creating a site that loads quickly with optimised images, videos, and other media files, users will have a smoother navigation experience.

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