Why It’s Important to Have a Logo Design

If you think of the top-performing companies, like Apple, Playstation or Nike, you’ll be able to instantly think of their brand logo or colours. A good logo won’t make your products or services any better or worse – but it could change how you’re perceived by your customers.

For your business to be easily recognised , a logo design is essential. And more than that, it’s important that the logo you pick reflects what your business is really about.

First Impressions Count

Research suggests that your business has a maximum of seven seconds to make a good impression on a new customer. This means when they look at your website, or any material associated with your company, you won’t have long to create the right impact.

A good logo design is a fundamental part of all of this, instantly making an impression on your customer. If the logo is poor quality, unprofessional or shabby, it won’t reflect well. In contrast, a high-quality design will make the perfect start.

Your Business at a Glance

Although a well-designed logo will always look very professional, choosing the right design can also inform customers what your business is about.

If your logo is linked to your industry or the services you provide, it could attract customers more than just a name or an abstract pattern.

It’s important that your logo isn’t too fussy, as it needs to be clear even if it’s printed in a smaller size. Pick a single characteristic of your business which symbolises what you do, and potential customers could choose you based on your logo alone.

Creates Positive Association

Using your logo in all that you do will create an association between your company and the logo design. In the future, your customers will be able to recognise you from the logo alone, even without seeing your company name.

The colours you use will help to forge a positive association with your brand. It’s well-known that certain colours have strong associations; blue is often used by financial companies because it’s seen as trustworthy and reliable.

Pick your colours well and the sight of your logo could give customers a feel-good feeling right away.